Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Fighting Depression in the Bleak Mid-Winter

This is a tough time of year for me. I enjoy the Christmas Season so much - especially this past one - and keep so busy during November and December that the January/February months are a major let down for me. January is especially a drag because what follows January? FEBRUARY!! Oh boy. At least March, with its lengthier daylight and slightly warmer temps follows February. At that point you know it's up hill. For now, though, as I look out my window and see the couple inches of freshly fallen snow, the downhill slope is mighty steep!
This year, however, I've been keeping busy with my passion - history (yes, I have passion for my wife, but that's a different kind of passion!). I received a great many history books for Christmas - The Illustrated 1776 * The Postal Age in 19th Century America * 1607: Jamestown and the New World * Tavern at the Ferry - and have just begun to intently study them.
I have also continued writing my time travel story with great fervor, going over what has already been written and expanding/improving on the descriptive aspect. Researching upcoming scenes by contacting historians and specialists in the particular area of need has been a learning experience as well. Great fun.
After a three month break, Civil War reenacting has re-entered the picture, and I have been working on my impression as a 19th century postmaster for future events. I have also been planning events as well, such as a presentation to our local historical society of life for soldier and civilian during the Civil War. Then there is the Civil War Roundtable in Lansing this coming weekend and our unit's annual meeting in early February.
And, also in February, our local historical society will also be presenting 19th century clothing historians, Bill and Glenna Jo Christen, for a presentation of period clothing.
Throughout the fall and continuing on into the winter I have continued to make the attempt to slowly turn my home into a pseudo Victorian home. Our Gathering Room is almost there, so now to begin on the rest of the house.
So, I have quite a bit on my plate, which is good as it's only mid-January. And it's this historical business that will keep me going until the warmth of spring returns.

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