Saturday, February 16, 2008

The History Channel

Can someone please tell me the difference between The History Channel and the Discovery Channel? You can't, can you? Thought so. Why do we have a channel dedicated solely to history but there is very little actual history to be found on it? Look at the shows they have scheduled: Ice Truckers, The Universe, Shockwave, UFO Hunters, Monsterquest, Gangland, Human Weapon, and on and on...
The only show that remains of the Civil War era is Civil War Journal. Do you know when that is on? 7:00 a.m. on Tuesday mornings! How about a Revolutionary War Journal? A War of 1812 Journal? A French and Indian War Journal?
How about a show on America's museums? Greenfield Village, Colonial Williamsburg, Connor Prairie, Plimouth Plantation, Old Sturbridge Village, just to name a very few. In fact, upon a Google search, I found each state in our union has wonderful museums - outdoor and indoor - that are deserving of national recognition. Why can't The History Channel have a series on something like this?
How about everyday life as lived by the average person from the 19th, 18th, 17th, or before centuries? From their occupations and tools to clothing to personal hygiene to etiquette to mourning practices - the subject matter is endless.
How about a series on restoration that would be broadcast in the evening?
How about anything before World War 2, and especially before the 20th century???
It does not take a highly paid program director to come up with such ideas. And, please don't tell me that no one would watch. That line is a load of crap.
Am I alone on my opinions of The History Channel?

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