Thursday, January 15, 2009

The American Way - Get Over It!

OK, as any of you who read my blog know, I did not vote for Obama. There are many reasons why and numerous older blogs of mine of last fall cite some of them.
Well, he won, but he didn't necessarily win as big as the media would have you believe.

They would have you believe that virtually everyone except for a very few extremists voted for the man. Well, that's simply not true: the popular vote shows that 69,456,897 of the actual votes went for Obama and 59,934,786 went to McCain - quite a bit closer than one might think, considering all of the bias being printed. And that's not even listing all of the independent votes for the smaller party candidates that were not listed. In other words, contrary to popular belief, there is still an extremely large segment of the American population who is not for Obama. And yet, we are all cast aside and told to get behind him - stand united!
What? Like all of you Obama worshipers stood behind George W or any of the other presidents? Why is Obama any different? Oh yeah, he's for "change" (among other reasons).
Now, before you start on me with all of your anti-Bush rhetoric, understand that I am also very disappointed in ol' George. I did not like many things he did. Many things. But, the media would have you believe that Bush is the cause of every nuance of our nation's ills - simply not true. Do your homework if this is what you believe.

Here's something I find rather scary - - - - -
did you know that most school districts are going to have the inauguration broadcast during school on Tuesday? And since the actual swearing in takes place at 11:30 - lunchtime - that many are going to allow the kids to eat lunch in their rooms so they could watch "history being made" (yes, a direct quote)?
I don't recall this ever happening before. Ever.
My eight year old daughter will, fortunately, be making history another way; she will be at home with me instead of being brainwashed by the extreme leftist socialist agenda that has become common place in our New America.
And I can just hear all those folks coming at me with their spears for doing so. I am teaching her that her father stands by what he believes. She is eight and if she is going to learn about today's politics, I'd rather she learn from me than the liberal left.
Obama was elected president of the United States by popular vote and electoral college, and I accept this. It does not mean, however, that I must stand behind him. I won't. When I mentioned this through another avenue, a friend told me she was "disappointed" in me for my feelings.
My question to her and the others who feel this way: did she and the other Obama worshipers stand by Republican president-elects in the past? No.
Would she and the others have stood by McCain or, better yet, Romney (if he had made it that far)? Highly doubtful. And yet, I am being told that I should stand behind Obama.
I won't.
I voted against him! Why would I back him? He doesn't stand for what I believe.

Remember something here: my reaction to this newly elected president is as old as the United States itself. Heck, a war was even begun as a direct result of the 1860 election (when Lincoln was elected, for the few of you who did not know).
Just as virtually every president-elect before him, Obama has many many against him, and that's OK. It's called checks and balances folks, and that's what makes this country (or made this country) the great country it is. Otherwise we would have a dictatorship.
No matter who gets elected president (even if it's my pick), I hope we will always have those who fight him/her every step of the way. That's the American way. And it's our right as Americans.
At least it was. I'm not so sure anymore.



Mrs. G said...

I agree. I think that the majority of well meaning folks who voted for Obama were clueless about what they were actually giving away, thankfully, 4 years isn't forever. The Bible says "my people perish for lack of knowledge", that applies to many situations including this one.


Catmom said...

Are they televising the Inauguration because it's historic, as all Presidential inaugurations are, or simply because it's Obama? Would they be televising it if it were McCain being sworn into office? I have fond memories of being in grade school and having TV sets brought into the classroom so we could see the coverage of the NASA Apollo missions live on TV. It was educational and historic and appropriate to do so in that situation at that time.

But if the only reason they're allowing the kids to watch this event is because it's Obama, I agree with you - that's not right. They should allow the schoolkids to watch ANY inauguration, not just this one, so they can witness the orderly transfer of power that is a part of our way of government.

Geri Ann

Historical Ken said...

And I agree - but I have never seen them turn on the TV's for the presidential inauguration before. In the 13 years of my working for the schools, I have never seen it. When I asked why they said because it was "historic."
CNN has been providing virtually non-stop coverage since 5 a.m. Saturday morning, reporting on every breath obama takes.
True overkill.
To be honest, I don't believe a woman would have received as much coverage.