Monday, March 16, 2009

If Human Time Travel Were Possible...

...I don't believe it would happen the way the scientists say it would happen; wormholes, cosmic strings, traveling faster than the speed of light, etc.
Nope. I believe that were time travel to ever be a possibility, it would be selective.
You see, a scientist would "experiment" while 'back there' if he or she were able to find their way into the past. They would attempt numerous procedures - chemically or on a human - which could really turn the future into chaos.
Which is why I do not believe that a scientist would be able to travel through time.
I personally believe should time travel ever happen, then it would be by a selective process, allowing one who would appreciate and understand the occurrence as well as understanding the importance of their experience the opportunity to travel into the past.
Does that make sense?
In a very real sense, there are those who, I feel, have time traveled. No, I don't mean when reenactors dress up in period clothing and live out of tents in some field somewhere with others pretending it's another era.
I mean...well...have you ever stepped into an old home/structure - especially while wearing period clothing - and, for an instant, you 'see' the past? You can feel, even smell, another era from the house you happen to be in? Maybe even - in a flash - literally see another time?
I believe that, for that split second, somehow that feeling is real - absolute.
No, not reincarnation. I don't believe in reincarnation. (see History, Genes, Reenacting, and Time Travel )
But a literal sense of 'being there.'
Or is it wishful thinking?
Maybe, but I don't think so. It goes beyond 'wishful thinking.' Whatever it is, however, it comes and goes faster than an eye can blink.
The thing is, I've heard others - and of others - expressing the same experience that I myself have had. Not those that say, "Oh, yeah, that happens to me all the time," and do not even give it a second thought. That, I believe, is wishful thinking on their part. I can tell who it truly happens to and who just think it does. They are nonchalant, even when trying not to be. And it's not an occurrence that happens often.
It's totally unexpected.
And it's selective.
Without getting into too much detail, I have been interviewed by one who not only experienced what I am talking about themselves, but found others that have as well. This person is doing a special report on it - when and if it will ever be printed or available awaits to be seen. Anyhow, during the course of this interview I was told that for the greater majority of the others spoken to, my 'feelings' matched up to a "T" with theirs...including the interviewer's - and none of us knew or even had met each other! Needless to say, it was a very interesting conversation - and an exhilarating one at that! ---I'm not the only nut case out there!!--- No, hypnosis was not involved in any form, and each person that was interviewed was spoken to individually at different times and places throughout the midwest region.
For me personally, this whole perception has been happening since I was a child.
And it continues in adulthood.
Maybe it's the 'memory gene' that I have written about.
And it makes me wonder...


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