Saturday, July 18, 2009

A Visit To the Mall

I went to the mall today for the first time in I don't know how long - probably since February or March. I don't like the mall - unfortunately, I needed to get tires for my van at Sears and decided to walk around while I waited.
The variety of stores stink - - I mean, how many clothing and purse and shoe stores does anyone really need? And the styles in each are awful. Kind of like the Bratz dolls come to life - very whore-ish (sorry but there is no other description that fits - and, no, my eight year old daughter is NOT allowed to play with (or watch) anything Bratz).
I realize, especially living in Michigan, how rotten the economy is, but I believe that stores could actually be doing much better than they are if they stopped pushing the crap that they do. I know of no woman who would wear the garbage trying to be pushed as the latest fashion. I do, however, see the high schoolers and young college girls wearing this so-called style. And, yes, they really do look every bit as whore-ish as I figured they would.
Not pretty.
Not even attractive.
More like a street walker.
But, they think they look good.
However, they have very little else to choose from.
What I find interesting is that male clothing has become much more conservative of late. Dress shirts, khaki pants, dark dress shoes seem to be the order of the day.
What happened to our young ladies fashions?
Aside from (mainly womens) clothing stores, there was very little else to choose from in the mall. Other stores included a music store, video game store, jewelry stores, a Hallmark, Spencers, and a couple of knick-knack stores. Not much else. Not even a book store.
Very few customers.
Virtually nothing for a 40-something year old man such as myself
You can have all of your fancy displays with flashing lights, "ultra-hip" styles, etc., etc. But, most people aren't stupid. In this day and age with high unemployment rates they're not going to buy what they don't want.
And, if parents were smart, they wouldn't allow they're daughters to wear such garbage either.
As for me, I will be staying away from the mall for quite a while.
There is nothing there for me.
Or my daughter.
Now, where's that Civil War sutler...?

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