Sunday, September 6, 2009

War is Hell...or Is It?

What's wrong with this picture:

I'll give you a little hint - these guys were "shot" during a battle reenactment.
I don't be supposedly shot and still in the midst of an intense battle, they sure look pretty comfortable, do they not?

How about this photo:

Again, these infantryman are in the middle of protecting a town from invading Rebs, but the soldier 2nd from left is enjoying himself (herself?) a little too much to be taken seriously. In fact, during this particular battle (where the Rebels attempted to capture our "town" and the Yankees defended it) the soldiers were smiling and laughing throughout. One of the civilians (yes, a civilian!) who "lived in town" actually went up to these folks and told them to at least act like they're in a serious situation.
They looked at this civilian like she was nuts!
I mean, come on!

Now, I am sure many of us, either as civilians on the sidelines or as patrons visiting a reenactment, have been witness to this 'behavior' many times. I have often seen and heard many times from those on the sidelines point and laugh at this sort of unrealistic-during-a-battle behavior. It happens at virtually every battle.
I don't know about you, but it drives me crazy every time I see it.
I am certain that there are very few military reenactors who read my blogs, but if the rest of us can get the word out to the military end of our units maybe we can begin to stop this battlefield behavior so that those in the audience watching will take what we do more seriously.

By the way, lest a newer reader feels that I am just picking on the military, I have written many times over about the farbiness of so many civilians as well...including (unfortunately) some of my own faux pas (which I do my best to correct - -)
"Forgive me Father, for I have farbed."
"Go, my son, and farb no more."

OK - I'm done complaining for the day.

At the time of this writing I have 15 blog followers - - wow! All I can say is thank you!
Some of you may not agree with everything I write (especially when I get political) but I still hope you enjoy reading it nonetheless.
And really, I'm not nearly as serious as I come off in my blogs. Actually, I'm a 48 year old man going on 18 most of the time.
Makes me wonder why my wife sticks with me...I'm glad she does though.

Have a great day!
OH! By the way - - I will be having my very first article published in the October issue of Citizens Companion magazine! Look for it!


Annette Bethke said...

I'm publishing in October's edition too!!

Historical Ken said...

I will look for it Annette!

Mrs. G said...

Congrats on your upcoming article! I don't get the Citizen's Companion anymore though, so I guess I won't get to see it. :-(