Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Reenacting 2010 Has Begun

OK - the time machine button has been pushed and I am swirling back to the 1860's. Yup! The reenacting season has begun. Our first *actual* reenactment took place in mid May (at Walker Tavern - see previous posting) and the fever is high. It's a fine location for living history and there were a number of unusual set ups mixed in the civilian camp, including a bath house (how awesome is that?) and someone else who had a period (replica?) coffin in front of their campsite. Ok, now, you are going to think I'm strange, but I actually climbed in the coffin, folded my arms, and closed my eyes while my good friend and 'brother from another mother' snapped a few images of me. When he had finished and I opened my eyes I found several people standing over me, not really believing that there was someone crazy enough to actually climb into a coffin! The pictures are very creepy to look at - I'm not posting, them at my wife's request, so please don't ask.
Well, I guess I am trying to experience everything from the era at least once. Next will hopefully be a bath in an actual period tub - yup! She does charge and one can really 'clean up' just like in the days gone by. I also hope to experience a shave from a straight razor - that just might put me in a coffin for real!
This weekend, which is Memorial Weekend, we have another event, this time at Greenfield Village. I will post photos of that event next week sometime.
This season promises to be full of surprises and, for me, the most exciting events ever (there's a civilian only - life on the homefront - event taking place at Crossroads Village in Flint in July - you can bet I'll be there!!).
So, with the button already pushed, I am finding myself traveling on my journey to the past. And what a journey it will be!


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Mrs. G said...

Ken, it looks like you guys are geared up for an exciting year! The prospect of new and better scenarios must make you happy, it does get dull when we go to what amounts to the same events over and over again. I'm glad that you are interested in educating the public about the truth of events during the Civil War, we need more people who take history seriously!