Thursday, October 14, 2010


Sorry about not posting for a while. I haven't been quite sure what I want to write about. There is so much insanity going on in our country right now, and I have a lot to say about it all. I must have written three or four postings concerning all the craziness but haven't published them. You see, the PC police are out there, and problems can and will arise if I post my true feelings, for we no longer can speak our opinions without serious ramifications if it goes against the grain.
I have also learned just how mean so-called 'open-minded' people can be when they don't agree with you. Definitely meaner on the internet than face to face.
Let's just say that I am a Christian, a traditionalist, a living historian, and a social historian (or so I have been told) who believes in looking at all sides of the story, for it drives me nuts when revisionist "historians" place the morals and values from the 21st century on those from times past. Also, I do not believe that anyone should rewrite the past just to please someone in the present.
You can take it from there...
More history soon...I promise!


Civil Folks said...

I agree! We are truly aliens in this world as Christians and War Betweeen the States Reenactors and Living Historians.

Did you get my message about accidentally deleting your last post at my blog? I am so sorry but I got to read it before doing a dumb thing.


Historical Ken said...

Thank you!
And yes I did - - no problem.

~The Boyd Homestead Farm~ said...

Thanks so much for following my blog! I look forward to reading through yours as I love learning about history especially the pioneer days and I enjoy researching our family history. Hoping you are having a wonderful week!