Sunday, September 18, 2011

Millrace Village

~Loaded up on the wagon and ready to time-travel ~
Patty prefers to sit in the back...sitting directly behind the horses always makes her a little nervous.

I love discovering something new - especially when it relates to history.
In a previous post I wrote about the opportunities we here in southern Michigan have to visit the past. Well, this weekend I discovered another local open-air museum only around a 45 minute drive from my home known as Millrace Village.

~A stop at the tavern is always a must after such a journey~

It was unfortunate that very few reenactors chose to stay away from this event because it has the makings of something very special. There are several Victorian homes within this park, along with a tavern, general store, blacksmith shop, church, and a school - all from the 19th century. As I have said many times before, there is nothing like doing living history when you are surrounded by history itself. And, as with a few other events, the kind folks here actually allow us to set ourselves up inside the old buildings to use as our own.
Yep, bringing history to life before your very eyes.


Friends and family stroll the town's lane
Again I ask, why do reenactors - especially military - constantly complain about being bored doing the same old reenactments but yet stay away from these wonderful new ones? We were hoping to have a skirmish take place, utilizing this park as a battle town. Unfortunately, we had one - count 'em, 1 - Union soldier show up, with nary a Confederate in sight.
How sad.
And disappointing.
Seven of us civilians attended to help bring the "town" alive: we had a woman in mourning, a couple young ladies, two children, my wife spun on her spinning wheel, and I as the postmaster.
And the visitors were so appreciative of us! Can you imagine just how authentic it could have been with a few more civilians plus a hundred or so soldiers to give the folks a good showing of a battle town?

The young ladies of town enjoy a moment's respite from their chores

Yeah, I am complaining again - sorry about that! - I suppose I just expect more from my fellow reenactors. Michigan is ripe for living history and I feel one should grab the opportunity while we can.
Then again, maybe there was a football game on television...

~Yes, a stream cuts through Millrace Village~

I'd much rather be here...wouldn't you?



Robin's Egg Bleu said...

I've only been to Michigan twice, both for quick weekend visits and did not have any opportunity to visit any of these fine places! Wish we had more of them here in California!

Historical Ken said...

Robin, you come on back and we'll give you a grand tour of a few of the historical places here!