Friday, December 30, 2011

Thoughts As The Season Winds Down

The circa 1832 Eagle Tavern is festively decked for the Holiday Season
I have to say that this was probably the best Christmas season ever for me. And it's still not over, for we have the New Years Celebration coming up. Now, I'm not really big on New Years, to be honest. To me it is just taking me further away from the past, distancing me from a period of which I love. On the other hand, a new year also gives me the opportunity to learn even more about the past through newly discovered research, thus bringing me closer to the time I love.
Don't try to figure that out!
The front sitting room table in Giddings House 1750
Anyhow, I would like to wish all of you a very Happy and Peaceful New Year. Please be safe - not just on New Years Eve, but for the whole of the year and all the years to come.

Stay tuned - there are plenty more postings about living history, reenacting, and general social history on the way...

Lanterns near the front door of the 1750 Giddings House light the way for visitors

A Christmas verse published by Joseph Royle in 1765 in The Virginia Almanack:
Christmas is come, hang on the pot,
Let spits turn round and ovens be hot;
Beef, pork, and poultry now provide,
To feast thy neighbours at this tide;
Then wash all down with good wine and beer,
And so with Mirth conclude the Year.
(taken from the Colonial Williamsburg Facebook page)



Stephanie Ann said...

Your photos are beautiful! Happy New Year!

Richard Cottrell said...

Happy new year to you as well. Richard and sissy Dog from My Old Historic House.