Sunday, May 13, 2012

Walker Tavern 2012

Walker Tavern is a great 1st event of the season and it surprises me greatly that more reenactors don't participate. Maybe it's because it takes place over Mother's Day weekend - and that is as good a reason as any to miss it. If this is the case then maybe the powers that be might want to consider moving it to a different weekend, though here in Michigan that could be tough considering we have so many events on the calendar.
But it's such a fine event that deserves to grow.
After a very enjoyable ride down historic U.S. 12, a few of us from the 21st Michigan participated on Saturday and, as I usually try to do, I took photos. Now, before we go any further I'd like to explain my picture taking process, lest you think I walk around with a farby modern camera hanging about my neck...
I don't.
I carry my carpet bag in which my modern camera is stashed, and I pull it out, snap a picture, then quickly tuck it back in before anyone - reenactor or visitor - hopefully even notices.
Of course, if there's no one around I can keep it out a bit longer and take some of the posed shots.
But I do my best to keep it as unseen as possible.
So, without further ado, here are some pictures of the first real reenactment of the Michigan season:

Walker Tavern, built in 1836, is still located in its original location on the historic Old Chicago Road (U.S. 12) and has been restored to it's mid-19th century appearance. It is the white building in the center of this photograph
Behind the Walker Tavern was where the reenactors camped. There were more tents on the left side, out of the camera's site.

Mrs. Hansen washes the breakfast dishes

Miss Vanderveer spends time with her friend, the Rebel Mr. Purdue

General Hood was there as well

Gen'l Hood speaks to a few of his men

Inside the tavern, a few ladies wait for their stage to arrive. They want to skeddadle out of town before the battle commences

Playing checkers is a good way to pass the time while waiting for the stage to arrive

Some of the ladies were a bit nervous due to the conflict about to arise and needed a drink to calm their nerves...

...while others read the paper for relaxation
The women decided to wait near the fence for the stage coach, for they knew it was close to arriving

These young ladies are anxious to get out of town!
A few of the storekeeps were also nervous and planned to skedaddle before the shooting commenced. They were selling their wares cheaply so I bought a new hat from the hat seller. It was one less item the enemy could steal from him.

Just before the battle mother...

The Union forever, hurrah, boys, hurrah!

We are springing to the call of our brothers gone before,
Shouting the battle cry of freedom!

Thank God for Michigan!
The Confederates prepare for battle

The battle commences: Ready...


And what a battle it was!

The Rebels advanced...
But many, knowing they could not win this skirmish, gave up the fight...

...while others marched off the field to fight another day

The Union also marched off the field to prepare for the next battle. We hear it may take place at the Village of Greenfield

The Union was very satisfied in their victorious fight...

...and the men looked relieved that they have survived to see another day
It was a very fine day spent in the past. I truly did purchase that top hat you see me wearing - finally, one with a straight crown that actually fits! This hat completes my "Sunday Best" ensemble.
And while we were inside the tavern we spoke with visitors about the Walker Tavern and taverns of the Midwest in general, as well as what it was like to travel on a stagecoach.
See? I do read my own posts!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures and the story to go along with them.
See you in time...


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