Tuesday, July 31, 2012

A Fine New History Magazine

There is a new magazine on the market for those of us who reenact the Civil War era. It's called The Civil War Citizens & Soldiers Digest and it's tailor made for folks like you and me. What makes this magazine so unique is that at least for now it's available for free on line (click the above link) for reading/printing off your computer or you can purchase a glossy printed copy through the website.
This is what the editors have to say about it:

The Citizens & Soldiers Digest is a publication dedicated to providing quality, well-researched articles of interest to all Civil War enthusiasts.   As a Watchdog publication, our goal is to provide articles of exemplary content, giving the reader a reliable piece of information which can be used and shared.
Combining both military and civilian articles,
The Citizens & Soldiers Digest is a one-stop resource for all things Civil War.  Weaponry, material culture, social issues, medicine, home-life, camp-life, and much more!    We will work diligently to ensure that each  edition is an interesting combination of articles, providing "something for everyone".
The Digest
is edited by three friends, historians, and reenactors; Bill Christen, Craig Barry and Connie Payne, with a wide-reaching support system.  You can read a little more about our editors here on our website.

Lest you think they are paying (or bribing!) me for this posting, they are not. I just feel that as a social historian of the mid-19th century it's my duty to get the word out whenever I see anything of historical interest to my readers. 
Especially one of this quality.
So, go on and check out the very first issue of Civil War Citizens & Soldiers Digest - I think you'll like it.



Robin's Egg Bleu said...

Great informative post! I have questions though,my husband is just now become interested in a period civilian impression. We've bartered for a lovely custom commissioned linen waistcoat and linen trousers, invested in a black frock coat and Robert Land booties. But the hats are confusing. So many seem to be period appropriate. But my husband looks ridiculous in a top hat. Is there another style hat that is okay to wear with a black frock coat? He want's a derby but that seems to go better with a sack suit. He's also interested in a straw 'panama hat'; I think that's okay for summer with a light colored linen frock, but I can't see wearing it with a black frock coat. Do you know if they wore derbys with frocks or panama hats with black coats?

I know plenty about the women's wear but the men's wear nearly completely eludes me!

Historical Ken said...

I'm assuming your comment is for the men's clothing post - - -
Anyhow, if you look at a picture from this post (http://passionforthepast.blogspot.com/2012/01/how-one-family-became-living-historians.html)
you will see a hat that is suitable for nearly any purpose.