Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Harvest Ball 2013

Every October the good people that belong to the 7th Michigan, and especially Linda Williams, throw a wonderful shindig - the Harvest Ball.
It's held in Lansing, Michigan in a church that was built over a hundred years ago, and though it's been modernized with electricity, the lights are dim enough to give *almost* an oil lamp feel.
The Olde Michigan Ruffwater String Band lead by Glen Morningstar, the finest jigs and reels band in the land, keeps the fifty or so couples dancing the evening away with the popular dances such as the Virginia Reel and the Spanish Waltz.
Besides taking place in the autumn season of the year, what makes this ball so nice is that all that takes place is the ball - there's no reenactment attached so you're not hot and sweaty and too tired to enjoy yourself.
On the way out to Lansing, any number of us will make our annual stop at the local Cracker Barrel restaurant to enjoy good food and a fun pseudo-period atmosphere. Oh yeah, we are wearing our 1860's finest - our Sunday Best - and the patrons of the restaurant are always curious.
At the ball itself, Mrs. Williams has requested there not be any cameras present to keep an authentic 19th century feel, but after the ball ends out they come!

And that's what I'd like to show you for this week's posting - - - the photographs taken at this year's Harvest Ball. I aged them and attempted to take out the glaring farb such as the 'exit' sign, etc., (though some farb I had little choice but to leave in).
I hope you enjoy them:

This image, and the two that follow, was taken in the back yard of our traveling companions, the Gilletts.

Outside the Cracker Barrel restaurant.

Beginning with this picture, the rest of the sepia-toned photos were taken at the ball.

 - - - - - - - - - - -

Now, I know you want to see these photos in color, so I included them here. I did not remove any farbiness from these pictures as I did in those above. There are also a few extra's that I threw in. Kinda sorta of like a 'director's cut.'
Hope you like 'em:

Again, this and the next four pictures were taken in the yard of our traveling companions, the Gilletts

Still at the Cracker Barrel

At the Ball

Some good friends "after the ball."

And there you have my photo album of the 2013 Harvest Ball. We certainly had a  - - BALL - - and look forward to it every year.


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An Historical Lady said...

Just beautiful Ken!~
Fantastic! Thanks so much for sharing with all of us. I hope you had a magical evening.