Sunday, September 21, 2014

The Day Begins: Dawn...Good Morning - Evening: Sunset...Twilight Time...Good Night...

Okay, this will probably be the most unusual post I've ever done in the history of Passion for the Past. It is all about the beginning of day and the end of day, The photos and text are based around the lyrics of three songs from one of my most favorite albums of all-time, "Days of Future Past" by the Moody Blues, a group and album that easily make my top 10 all-time favorites in any musical genre. It is simply amazing.
I believe the lyrics/poetry goes well with a series of photographs I took during two separate years and seasons. In fact, I thought of the respective songs during the times I was taking the pictures, which is kind of funny
The first set shows the sunrise over southern Lake Huron very early one morning in late October, as I photographed the day gradually beginning.
The second grouping shows the sun gradually setting as the night sky "removes the colors from our sight," while I was on the third floor of East Detroit High School in Eastpointe, Michigan.
Is there history here? Well...Lake Huron has been around a long time - at least since the ice age, and the universe a little longer. Or a lot longer.
It's old.
So I suppose that, yes, this could be considered history.
Hope you enjoy it - - - - - - - -

~Nighttime to some, a brief interlude
To others the fear of solitude
Brave Helios, wake up your steeds
Bring the warmth the countryside needs~

The Day Begins: Dawn - Dawn is a Feeling......
 Dawn is a feeling,
a beautiful ceiling.
The smell of grass
just makes you pass
into a dream...

You're here today.
No future fears.
This day will last
a thousand years
if you want it to.
 You look around you -
things they astound you...
So breathe in deep,
you're not asleep,
open your mind...

 You're here today.
No future fears,
this day will last
a thousand years
if you want it to.
Do you understand
that all over this land
there's a feeling.
In minds far and near
things are becoming clear
with a meaning.
Now that you're knowing,
pleasure starts flowing.
It's true life flies
faster than eyes
could ever see...

You're here today.
No future fears
This day will last
a thousand years
if you want it to...

...Evening has come to pass
The time of day doesn't last...

Evening has earned its place today
I'm tired of working away...

The Sunset / Twilight Time...
When the sun goes down,
and the clouds all frown;
night has begun for the sunset.
See it with your eyes;
Earth re-energized
by the sun's rays every day.
Take a look out there,
planets everywhere.
When the sun goes down,
and the clouds all frown;
night has begun for the sunset.
Shadows on the ground,
never make a sound,
fading away in the sunset.
Night has now become
day for everyone.
I can see it all
from this great height.
I can feel the sun
slipping out of sight.
And the world still goes on
through the night.
 Twilight Time, to dream awhile
in veils of deepening blue.
As fantasy strides over colorful skies
of form disappearing from view...
In twilight time, dream with me awhile
A nightingale plays a dark mellow phrase
of notes that are rich and so true.
An aerial display by the firefly brigade
dancing to tunes no one knew...
In twilight time, dream with me awhile
Building castles in the air,
whistling to the wind.
As nature bows down her head;
see what tomorrow brings...
Twilight time, dream with me awhile

Bats take to wing, like puppets on string
prancing through cool evening air.
In a sightless glide, no reason to hide
away from the sun's blinding stare...
In twilight time, dream with me awhile...
In twilight time...  
...twilight time...

Night Time...
Breathe deep the gathering gloom,
watch lights fade from every room.
Bedsitter people look back and lament;
another day's useless energy spent.
Cold-hearted orb that rules the night,
removes the colours from our sight;
Red is grey and yellow white.
But we decide which is right 

and which is an illusion...

.   .   .

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Stephanie Ann said...

Nice photos! You know the only song we were all thinking of though! Sunrise, Sunset!