Monday, February 2, 2015

Update for 2015: "In the Good Old Colony Days"

Hmmm...what's Ken writing about now?
Good day to You –
I just wanted to let you know I updated a post I originally wrote back in 1711er, 2011 called “In The Good Old Colony Days.”
It is one of my very favorites of all of my postings
It really is.
And I added all sorts of new photos and information since originally posting it a few years back.
You see, the colonial period of our American history has always been near and dear to my heart – more dear, dare I say, than the Civil War era. Not that I dislike the mid-19th century, for I do love that period of the 1860s very much, especially the everyday life. But there has always been something special beyond any other time in our Nation’s history that the colonial period holds for me. Much of it, I suppose, has to do with pride and patriotism. Either way, it’s a great and oh-so-important time for all Americans. And if it’s not, it should be.
As far as reenacting, I have been doing Civil War living history for over a decade and enjoy it immensely, and I do not plan to stop anytime soon. However, being relatively new to colonial reenacting, it holds something new, different, and exciting for me, especially in the clothing department - colonial clothing really is so much cooler to wear – the tricorn hat is the best! And the shoes, breeches,'s pretty awesome!
Now, understand, I’m not dissing Civil War reenacting (or clothing) at all, for that is a very important period as well. Let’s just say I am expanding my foray into living history and am now able to utilize my knowledge of both periods in time.
And since I am just starting out in colonial, it holds excitement for me.
Plus the 4th of July means so much more now!
Oh, and you will not find me going forward in time into the 20th century (even though I do a Titanic or Downton Abby event when needed every-so-often); I prefer the pre-electric eras.
Which brings me to the reason for this notice: the updated posting of “In The Good Old Colony Days” -
We had a major winter storm recently, and while more than a foot of snow blanketed the southern half of my great state of Michigan, I spent time updating my “In The Good Old Colony Days posting. If you haven’t seen the posting lately (or at all) you will find the updates I made include many additional photographs, quite a bit more on the everyday lives of the colonists  (including a bit on clothing, travel & taverns, lighting, winter, food, and even a touch of politics), and many, many video clips that I believe you will enjoy.
You can get to “In The Good Old Colony Days” by clicking onto the highlighted name or by clicking HERE.
I hope you enjoy the revised post – I really enjoyed updating it!
s and we’ll see you next time in time

Sowhat do colonials talk about as they set about?
Let’s listen in

“Did you hear about the miller? I heard he stole corn!”
“Yeah, and I heard the weaver stole yarn!”
“How ‘bout the little tailor who stole broadclothe for to keep the three rogues warm?”
“Well, the latest is the miller drowned in his dam!”
“Oh my! I was told the weaver got hung in his yarn!”
“I bet the devil clapp’d his claw on that little tailor
with the broadcloth under his arm!”



An Historical Lady said...

LOL, 'Sons of Liberty'...mmmm...what can I say...It was truly ghastly. After a few minutes of cringing and squirming in our seats we made a beeline for a wonderful historical documentary on Youtube!
AWFUL! A shame that so many Americans have no clue about the history of that time period as it is and now they get more erroneous facts and ridiculous portrayals from History Channel!
The 3 part 'Revolution' series on AMERICAN HEROS CHANNEL by contrast was actually quite good! We recommend it, if you have not seen it. They portray the stories of several 'heros of the revolution' that most people will likely never have heard of, and it was very well done!

Mickie said...

I really enjoy your blog--thanks for sharing! :)