Saturday, January 21, 2017

I Am A Patriotic American - -

(I rarely use Passion for the Past for opinion, so please bear with me this one time)

I am a proud American no matter who is President.
Note that I didn't say I necessarily liked or totally agreed with any one President's policies.
We're not supposed to.
But I do love my country.
And I will continue to love it no matter if I voted for the person sitting in the oval office or not.
You can think me a sheep or a blind follower or say I have fake patriotism or that I'm living in the past or whatever.
I really don't care.
I love my country.
I also believe in the right to a peaceful protest, even if I might disagree with the protesters. I will stand by their right to do so.
I do not, however, agree with the extreme hate and violence going on. Now, I know our founding generation didn't always protest peacefully and often used violence themselves. I don't necessarily agree with that either. But I wasn't there. I am not "blessed" with an 18th century mindset, as no one alive today can claim to have, so I will not praise nor condemn their actions.
I was not there.
But I do like to think I somewhat understand the mindset of 21st century America. And most...MOST...agree that the violence going on today will not help anyone or any cause.
Please continue to march in protest. Take buses to rallies. Please continue to write letters, vote, and exercise your 1st Amendment rights, for that is your right.
But do it peacefully. 

After all, we are supposed to be the United States.
Remember...divided we fall...
By the way...I will not be accepting any partisan commentary for this post. I wrote this in a sense of unity, and if you feel the need to spout off on who is right or who is wrong or who is to blame, don't do it here.
Thank you,
(Historical) Ken


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Peace and many BLESSINGS
God Bless AMERICA !!! :-)