Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Creationism vs Evolution

Why do evolutionists fear the teaching of creationism so much? Why do they fear the idea of free thought and expression from both sides of the story? Why are evolutionists and scientists so against the creationist museum in Kentucky? One scientist even went so far as to state that the museum was so well done he feared that people would actually believe it was true! So? Can he prove that it's not? Of course he can't. First of all, science has many faults of its own - scientists change their mind more than the Clinton's do. Second, scientists get government funding - need I go any further (can anyone say "Global warming?").
One needs to remember one thing: evolution is a theory - just that...a theory. It has never been proven. Of course, to many, creationism is also a theory. So, if that's the case, then why not teach both?
Have you noticed that an evolutionist has this attitude that they are some how so far above creationists? That all creationists are academically lower than a slug's belly? Why? Because they believe in God, who created everything?
Again, I ask, what are they so afraid of? That quite possibly creationists might be (gasp!) right? That maybe their children may have the opportunity to see another side of the story rather than being brainwashed by a secular society? Isn't a public school supposed to teach all theories rather than just what a few supposed know-it-alls feel should be taught? Shouldn't I have the right for my child to have a full, well-rounded public education due instead of what the secularists and the commie ACLU organization (who continuously push the myth of Separation of Church and State) feel my child should have?
What are they so afraid of?
I'd like to know if the evolutionists believe in God and Jesus. I've been told that some do. Well, then, do they only believe certain parts of the bible, the parts that don't affect them directly? You know what I mean by this, I'm sure.
Do they pray?
Do they feel God had a hand in the creation of the earth and everything else? Or, as they seem to project, do they only believe in evolution. Or maybe they believe that God "planted the seed," so to speak, in which case He did have a hand in creating the heavens and earth, right?
If you happen to be an evolutionist and these questions make you feel uncomfortable, then maybe you ought to set yourself down and truly think about your life, as well as the afterlife. Think about what you believe, and why do you believe the way you do.

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