Thursday, December 6, 2007

The News

OK, here's one of my biggest pet peeves: the local and national news broadcasts. The reason is I am sick and tired of over-blown stories. For instance, the very unfortunate instance of the young jerk that killed eight people in an Omaha mall yesterday. The news should report it and leave it at that. But, no, they have to keep harping on it and give other imbeciles ideas of becoming famous in such an awful way. In fact, the idiot that caused yesterday's turmoil even wrote in his suicide note that he was doing it to become famous. But, there you go, the news stations giving this fool the notoriety exactly what he wanted. Then, to top it off, the local stations are asking people on the street if they will continue to shop at malls because of what happened in Omaha. They even spoke with a psychologist to help folks who may be concerned about shopping at a mall.
What fools these mortals be.
And how about when the weatherman predicts an inch or two of snow and calls it "Winter Survival!" We live in Michigan, for Pete's sake! It snows here. And it can snow quite a bit. Under 6 inches is nothing. In fact, it's expected! Please, do not make something out of nothing.
Thank you for letting me air my frustrations.
Happy Birthday to my wife.

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