Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Call the Farb Police!!

A post on re-enacting etiquette:
If you are "visiting" at another's camp at a re-enactment, whether for the day or if only for a short while, please be courteous and ask, before you plop yourself down, if the owner of the camp minds if you have plastic water bottles, vinyl diaper bag spilling over with modern sippy cups and toys, and non-reenacting friends dressed modern helping you "watch the kids" for the duration.
I have witnessed this re-enacting actrocity many times and it gets me steaming every time I see it. Ha! I've even seen a playpen set up under a fly - a Disney Characters playpen.
As a re-enactor, doesn't that anger you?
As a visitor to a re-enactment, doesn't that anger you as well?
It does me.
For those of us who get ticked at this blatant disrespect, I have a suggestion. At your next group/unit meeting, announce to one and all that your campsite is now "farb-free." No re-enactor is allowed within your "yard" if there is anything farby showing on their person.
I did this at our year end meeting last November and it has, so far, worked. My campsite has been virtually farb-less all season. In fact, in the same way that I have been called a stitch nazi (Stitch Counters Ain't So Bad), I have also been called the Farb Police.
I'll wear these badges proudly, if it improves our hobby!

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