Friday, October 3, 2008


Is anyone else afraid at how the Obama followers worship the man like he's the 2nd coming of Christ? I mean, literally worship. Have you ever read anything the man has done wrong? Has he done anything wrong?
What scares me is when (yes, I say when because McCain doesn't have a chance due to media/Hollywood - Hollywood/media) Obama becomes our president, these worshipers will love everything he does, no matter how socialist it may be, because to them he is all-knowing...god-like.
Now, I am not saying I'm supporting McCain - he is, to me (for the most part), a Republican in Democrat clothing (or vice versa).
But, the accolades for Obama are sickening, and I'm not falling for his "change." He's no different than any other politician in either of the two major parties.
There's no one there speaking to me.
By the way, just this morning I was asked by an Obama supporter if I am better off today than I was 8 years ago. I replied in the affirmative that not only am I doing better, but so is my wife. And my oldest son also goes to college full time AND holds down a full-time job! Wow! Go figure!
Guess what? This person still refused to believe that I was doing better than I was 8 years ago. He actually said he didn't believe me!
But, that's the way liberals work - you must "feel their pain" (to quote their other god, William Jefferson Clinton). They want me to be out of work, broke, lose my house, etc. so I can feel their pain. They would love nothing more.
No, sorry folks, I won't be voting for Obama this November. Nor will I be voting for McCain. But, if you are interested, I plan to click the name of Chuck Baldwin of the Constitution Party. He will most likely be my candidate of choice.
I won't fall for the Hollywood/media hype of Obama.
And McCain is not the right man, either.
Both are so far off base of what our country stands for that it isn't funny.
If you want to vote true American, go to the U.S. Constitution Party's site - that's where you'll see their platform.
The Constitution Party vote, although small in comparison (but growing) will be my own right to choose who I feel can lead our country down the right path.

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