Monday, November 10, 2008


I had a very interesting discussion the other day on how far one should go when they reenact. No, I don't mean travel-wise - I mean in your total make up. Specifically underdrawers.
There are those who feel that they shouldn't have to wear period correct underdrawers because, well, no one sees them. It is true, however, that no one sees them (hopefully!). But, if you are a female, by not wearing proper underpinnings can take away that Victorian silhouette that was so prominent in the era.
Dressing to the nines (as they said) is so very important to the Victorian shape of a woman that it is easily to spot one who is not wearing correct underpinnings.

What about the men? Well, I was surprised to hear during a recent conversation while at an event that more than I thought in our unit wear period correct underdrawers - you know, the kind that button up the front and are ankle length.

My 19th century bvd's
But, does it make a difference?
You bet it does!

In my opinion (and it's just my opinion, mind you) one cannot fully experience that "you are there" feeling with fruit of the looms squeezing your mid-section. One cannot know what our ancestors felt when they really had to "go" and had to unbutton their pants and drawers to relieve themselves. One cannot truly experience the past ("seeing the elephant") without having the same feel of clothing that those we are emulating felt.
Might as well wear a polyester sack coat.
I know I know - I can hear many now telling me that I'm an extremist. Yeah, maybe I am. But, I feel that if you want to do it right, then do it right. And, at least I know that I'll be ready when I suddenly find myself transported back to the 19th century!
Anyhow, this is my two cents.


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