Monday, November 3, 2008

My Other Historical Blogs

I have been trying to add a couple of houses every week to my Greenfield Village blog.
I look up each house (or other historical items) in virtually all of my GFV guidebooks (going back to the 1930's) to try to give as complete a description of a particular item as I possibly can. I also have info from Benson Ford Research Center, and will look up information on the internet to use as well.
I am pretty happy about the way it is turning out.
Won't you check it out? I'm nowhere near done - I have so many more buildings and other items to add to it. I eventually plan to show different scenes and include photos taken at Christmastime and at Hallowe'en, as well as some of the other events that take place in the Village.
Check back every-so-often as I continue to add, in order of appearance in the Village, more and more historical houses and artifacts to the blog.

(I have also started a blog for Flint's Crossroads Village
I must admit that I haven't been working nearly as much on this one. Finding good information for the structures at Crossroads is nearly impossible (although it is a beautiful and very accurate Village), which is probably why I haven't been putting in as much effort. Some nice pictures, though. Keep checking back.)

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