Saturday, January 16, 2010

Movie Nights to Beat the Winter Blahs

The mid-winter season is upon us. For my family and I this is a great time of year to watch movies on the cold Friday and Saturday nights. Oh, we watch all sorts of movies: adventure, drama, historical, and comedies. And sometimes we'll throw on a kiddie cartoon for our daughter. But, mostly it's adult oriented. No, I don't mean that kind of adult, mind you!
Of course, for me, if it has something to do with history I will probably like it, even the far-fetched flicks such as the National Treasure movies. Great fun to watch.
Most years we will do a theme. A few years back we watched classic movies of the 1930's and 1940's: Judy Garland musicals (yes, including Wizard of Oz), Jimmy Cagney gangster flicks, the great silents of the teens and twenties...
A couple years ago was American history, which found us watching everything from Three Sovereigns for Sarah and The Patriot, to the countless Civil War movies that we own.
Then there was the year we watched the epic flicks where the story took place overseas such as Braveheart, Rob Roy, Gladiator, and Ever After (Rosalia loved this last movie!).
Last year we watched family TV shows - Little House on the Prairie, The Waltons, Green Acres, Petticoat well as newer comedy movies like For Richer or Poorer, My Best Friend's Wedding, and American Graffiti (I know A G is not new, but it is new-er!).
This year we are looking to watch time travel movies.
The following is a list of Time Travel movies that I either own or have seen:
Back to the Future I, II, & III
The Time Machine (1960)
A Christmas Carol (all of its incarnations)
Peggy Sue Got Married
The Final Countdown
Kate and Leopold
Somewhere In Time
Two Worlds of Jennie Logan
The Love Letter

Now, the last two listed are not really time travel per se, but I believe they can fall into that category.
Except for A Christmas Carol, we haven't watched any of the others in quite a while, so it should be quite a treat.

I'm already thinking of future themes, such as BBC productions of Dickens and Austin, and maybe even have a "series" season, where we can watch the John Adams HBO set, Pirates of the Caribbean, and Star Wars.
A cowboy theme - John Wayne and Clint Eastwood - might be a good one, too.

I guess cold winter evenings can be rather enjoyable.
Maybe we'll invite friends over as well...
Movie nights - - - gotta love 'em!


Chandra said...

I love the TCM channel becuase you can go to their website and look up a movie, and it will tell you the next time it will be airing and even send you an email reminder. I did this to record the Andy Hardy series last year, and I was so bummed when I moved becuase they weren't able to be copied to a DVD when we moved. They would be a great series to watch right now.

Nancy R. said...

I HIGHLY recommend the A&E "Pride and Prejudice" set. Very close to the book, and beautifully done. Even my husband enjoyed it.