Wednesday, January 6, 2010

My Dream - - A New Year's Resolution (with your help)

Do you ever want something so bad that it just aches to even think about it?
That's the way I've been lately...just aching to begin the process of living a simpler life.
Okay - that's an oxymoron if there ever WAS one. If you knew me you would know this to be true. In all honesty, I like stuff. No, not elaborate overly expensive kind of stuff - just cool stuff. I enjoy watching DVD's, listening to my music (always been a major movie and music fan), and my new home hobby of taking and printing out photographs.
Oh, and antiques. I enjoy purchasing an antique here and there as well.
I like going on vacations, although we haven't gone on one in nearly two years.
Books are a fun thing, too. One can never have enough books - especially history books!
Did I mention that I enjoy going out to eat?
See what I mean? I am caught up in this capitalistic furry.
And I don't want to stop. Well, I do...*sigh*
Now, I must say, what we buy is all paid for with cash - no credit cards allowed.
That's a plus. And, like any enjoyable habit, the items purchased are not necessarily necessary, but they are items that we enjoy.
But, lately, especially with what's going on in our nation and the world, we have found our priorities shifting...leaning toward traditionalism...self-survival.
My dream of living a traditional life in an old home in an older and more rural area is one I've had as far back as I can remember. In fact, on our very first date, Patty and I spoke of this very thing.
Unfortunately, because of extenuating circumstances - as well as our own foolishness combined - our possibility of this dream became out of reach. And that's what aches.
Which is why I said that we plan to begin the process. Before it's too far out of reach.
What I am asking of my blogger friends, since so many of us share the same Christian beliefs, is for prayers of guidance.
And strength.
I know I won't totally stop buying "cool" things.
But, maybe - just maybe - I can slow down enough and, instead of buying that remastered for the 5th time Who 'Tommy" CD, I can put the money I would have spent in a 'move out' fund and, the more I see that account grow, the more it will entice me to add to it.
That's what I am hoping to do.
But, prayers of strength and guidance is what I need.
If the good Lord's willin' and the creek don't rise (and lots o' prayers), quite possibly mine and Patty's dream from all those years ago might just happen.
Thanks for letting me air this.
Back to history/reenacting next blog - - - I promise.


Mrs. G said...

You got it! We pray for your family anyway but we'll redouble our efforts. :-)
p.s. remember, there's always the "get fired and foreclosed on" method of self sufficiency. :-)

Amy said...

I'm on it, Ken! :) We're kind of doing the same thing over here, so here's to....well, new beginnings!

Take care,

Historical Ken said...

Paris and Amy - Thanks so much from the bottom of my (and Patty's) heart.

I feel I know you both (and a couple other bloggers) as well as I know my neighbors, and I appreciate your friendships.