Thursday, May 5, 2011

Historic Village Lantern Tour

The Troy Historical Museum and Village located, Michigan is a perfect place for a Civil War era lantern tour, with ten historical structures placed in a tiny village setting.
So, guess what they had on Saturday April 30th?
Awww! You guessed it! You must've read my blog from a couple months ago (Civil War Candlelight Tour).
I must say, when I stepped out of my Ford Econoline "carriage" to participate in the tour I was shaking with excitement. My wife and I and the two youngest of our brood were going to portray a family living in a log cabin, which was built originally in the early part of the 19th century.
There were nine other living historians who were also taking part - most were from the two units I belong to: the 21st Michigan and the Michigan Soldiers Aid Society - and we all interpreted our lives as Civil War era citizens in a 1st person manner. And we stayed in 1st person the entire time (except when we were asked a question that went beyond our 1st's important that all questions are answered to the best of our ability).
From what I've been told it was a major hit, and the exit polls (and their were exit polls) gave the tour rave reviews. Now there is talk of possibly making this into an annual event. I can almost guarantee each one of us that participated this year will return in 2012.
Or sooner, should they come up with another tour.
I hope you enjoy the photos here. They were taken shortly before the public tour began...

The Chaplain prepares to leave with the men

My wife and her friend visit while spinning wool

My wife and I inside our cabin. I portrayed a postmaster

Senator Jacob Howard - yes, our town has its own politician

The U.S. Christian Commission were there as well

The poor destitute laundress squeaks out a living doing laundry for townsfolk and military men

While still in mourning for her husband, this young widow also mourned for a cousin's child who died an untimely death

This lantern tour at the Troy Historical Museum and Village was a fine start to the 2011 reenacting season - - - bring it on!



Pam of Eastlake Victorian said...

That looks like it was a great event. Your cabin looks pretty roomy! Bigger than any rooms in my house LOL! It's so nice that you and your family get to do this together, and that you've met so many nice people with similar likes. What an important way to keep the past alive.


Historical Ken said...

I have met some of the finest people anywhere by doing this historical reenacting. I only wish most of us didn't live so far from each other! I wish they were my neighbors - what a neighborhood that would be!