Wednesday, January 8, 2014

History in the News: 160 year-old Documents Intentionally Destroyed in Franklin County, N.C.

This is another one of those very sad historical news items that need to be told.
Please click the link below to read of this crime - a crime in every sense of the word:
I hope to hear of a follow up soon, but something tells me this will be buried and soon forgotten.
Sad. Very sad.



Betsy said...

Ugh. As a lover of history, this makes me sick. Even the bad parts of history need to be preserved, to study and learn from and hopefully not be repeated.

Arturo Cuellar said...

This is a sad story, this should never be destroyed…

MissFifi said...

WOW. Disgraceful.Are people that worried about possible backlash that they are willing to rewrite history?? When will people realize it is important to preserve the good, the bad and the ugly? Imagine if the detailed records from the Germans and the prisoners of camps had been destroyed in such a fashion.