Wednesday, January 1, 2014

New Nation Calendar

This is one of those rare advertising posts I do every-once-in-a-great-while. The difference between me advertising and/or having paid advertisements is that if I am trying to call attention to an item then it's something I think is historically cool and probably something that one doesn't find very often.
Every fall I always look for high quality historically-oriented calendars. More often than not I wind up purchasing a Lang brand Four Seasons, Folk Art, Country Living, or American Farm calendar, for the art work at least give off a homey sort of period feel.  I used to get the Civil War calendars but they usually only centered on the war portion of the Civil War with little on life on the home front.
This year I googled a specific type just to see what would come up, and lo & behold, something called New Nation popped onto my screen.
Here's the description from the Lang Company:

Let the New Nation 2014 Wall Calendar show off your patriotic pride in your home or office. With bold colors and inspiring images, renowned historical artist Mort Kunstler captures the glory of our nation's revolutionary beginning. From Betsy Ross sewing the flag to battlefield scenes to candid images of our forefathers, each month depicts our nations legends and hero's in a timeless, 12 month LANG wall calendar. The New Nation 2014 Wall Calendar provides the high quality you've come to expect. Share your love of our land and get your New Nation 2014 Wall Calendar today!
That about sums it up. To show you the quality of the prints, I took a few photos of  some of the pictures wonderfully painted by Mort Kunstler:

Benedict Arnold Demands the Powder House Key

Negotiating the Jay Treaty

Reading the Declaration of Independence to the Troops

We the People - 1787

A short historical description goes with each painting, so each month is a visual history lesson.
As I've complained about in previous postings, the founding of our nation tends to be overshadowed by more recent events, and the teaching of the Revolutionary War/colonial era is mostly resigned to elementary age children.
Lately, however, there seems to be a comeback of sorts. With the controversial government we've had for the past dozen or so years, more and more people seem to be interested in our founding fathers and the documents they wrote.
I think that's a great thing!
Anyhow, if you're interested in ordering this pretty awesome calendar, you can click HERE or HERE.
Okay, back to our regularly scheduled programming soon.
Happy New Year.

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