Tuesday, September 21, 2010

Citizens Companion

Have you seen the latest issue of Citizens Companion, the Civil War civilian reenacting magazine? I am extremely pleased and honored that a photograph that I took made the cover! The picture is of Karen Gillett reaching for her preacher husband's hand as the train he is on at Crossroads Historic Village in Flint, Michigan prepares to leave, taking him away to lands unknown to care for the fighting Union men.
My camera just happened to be ready and I snapped away probably about a half dozen shots, and this one, by far, turned out to be the best.
Right after this was taken, Sandy Root quickly brought Karen away from the train - another shot that I luckily was prepared for - and then the train left the station, our boys in blue off to fight another battle.
Connie Payne, the editor of Citizens Companion, asked me if I would write something about the 1st ever Crossroads event for the magazine, which I gladly did! I also wrote an article about the Charlton Park reenactment as well, and that one is also featured in the same issue (Living History and Reenacting at Charlton Park). As if that weren't enough, the inside back cover include many other photos that I took. What an honor!
Then, the final topper was to see one of the two Civil War units I belong to (the MSAS - Michigan Soldiers Aid Society - a top-notch civilian group that is second to none for quality living history) also featured prominently in Connie's editorial!
I have been reading Citizens Companion since my first year of reenacting and I have learned so much from it. Almost from the first issue I saw it's been my favorite. And now to be featured in it in this way...I can't explain just how thrilled I am!
I do plan to continue writing articles for the magazine - I hope I can keep up with its standards!
And, in case you have never heard of the magazine, it is a wonderful source of social history information and period correct clothing, as well as a guide to improving your living history/reenacting presentation. Here is their web site, by the way:
Citizens Companion



Mrs. G said...

Bravo Ken! What a thrilling honor!

Historical Ken said...

Thank you Paris - I was/am very excited!