Saturday, June 7, 2008

Election Nonsense (or politics lite: my opinion, for what it's worth)

Mental intimidation is what we have come to in this election, it seems.
As a white male, I simply cannot win no matter what choice I make in this election: if I choose Hillary, then I am racist. If I choose Obama, then I am sexist. If I choose McCain or any independant, then I am both racist AND sexist. And a fool, because everyone knows that both Obama and Hillary are for "change" (whatever that means).
What if I just don't LIKE the two Democratic nominees and do not feel they are better than the Republican or Libertarian nominee?
What if I feel they are hiding as much about their true agendaa as George Bush is?
I know, I know..."How could you even THINK of writing something like that, Ken?"
Because, I know enough about Hillary and her husband that they lie through their teeth and will stop at nothing to get what they want.
I also know that Obama has already been found in very questionable predicaments and has weasled his way out of them through "charm" - he is a press darling, don't you know.
Now, mind! I am not a George W. fan either. That man, who had the world by the balls (so to speak) right after 9/11, totally blew it by putting forth his world domination agenda. His U.S. Constitution splattering of the so-called "Patriot Act" and so much more have put such a sad spin on the state of the U.S. today that we have become a socialist state directly because of him (although, one has to admit that Mr. Clinton in the 1990's and George the 1st before him headed us in that direction initially).
So, what does a man - strong in his Christian beliefs, strong in his traditional values, strong in his traditional morals - do? Who is speaking for me?
As hard as I look at the three (and now, two) presidential candidates, I see no light at the end of the tunnel in which we are all spiraling through.
Oh, what times in which we live...

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