Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Just When You Thought the Society Couldn't Get Any Worse

Sorry folks. Sometimes I just have to get things off my chest.
This is one of those time - - - - - - -

You know, hard work, discipline, and a strong faith in God were what, at one time, made this country morally strong. This is what people were raised on, and it worked.

But, have you noticed lately that the more lazy, the less faithful, and less responsible (discipline) people get, the worse off our society becomes?

There was a time not too long ago (in my childhood days), that getting a swat in school for misbehaving was standard punishment. I know first hand that it worked, too - and I did not need psychiatric help because of it, nor did my parents sue the teacher or the school. Instead, I got in bigger trouble when I got home.

There was a time not too long ago (in my childhood days), that belief in God - God the Father - the God of Abraham - God who's only begotten Son, Jesus, died for our sins - was as common as breathing. That if one didn't believe, they were...well...looked down upon by society. It was the norm to believe, and one wasn't called a "religious fanatic" if they went to church every Sunday.

And there was a time not too long ago (in my childhood days), that people had discipline. By this I mean that they took responsibility for their own actions. Racism, sexism, and numerous mental "disorders" (ADD, ADHD, etc.) were not to blame for their own misgivings. If they received poor grades in school, it was their own fault for not sitting down and studying. Or if they got fired from work, it was their own fault for not working hard enough or for taking too much time off work. Or it was pure laziness.
And now, society (by way of government) is actually helping today's youth to continue down that rotten path of laziness and not taking responsibility for their own actions. Check out this article that tells of how schoolkids can now be late or not even show up to class and not suffer any ramifications for it. It's in today's (June 25) Detroit Free Press:

How sad is that? What about those students who do show up to class every day - and show up on time? Doesn't that matter? Doesn't that put them above those lazy oafs who don't want to get up early to go to school? All that this is doing is catering to the lazy and irresponsible. I don't care that they can test out of a class. I certainly would not want to go to a doctor who tested out of a class - think of all they missed and could have learned that wasn't on the "test."

Then there is the athiest from Frankenmuth.
This guy moves to Frankenmuth, Michigan, and decides he does not like all the crosses on public property. Now, this city was founded totally on German Lutheran/Christian principles back in 1845 and has retained its heritage ever since. So some athiest - one man, mind you, who moved to the city on his own accord (one would hope that he at least visited Frankenmuth before moving there - he must have seen the Christian symbols throughout) - and decides it "offends" him. Who the heck is he?
Here is my favorite part of the Detroit News article: Before objecting to the crosses, Clarke found Frankenmuth a friendly, inviting place. People hold the door open for each other at the post office, he said. Drivers often give way to other motorists.
Isn't that something? People acting...well...CHRISTIAN!
And then there's the black guy who is quoted as saying, "You'd like to see more people who look like you." This from a black contractor who moved into town two years ago because he found it a good place to raise a family. Um...why would you move to a 99% white town then complain that there aren't enough blacks there?
Only in today's society...
But, back to the athiest, Mr. Clarke. I have an open letter to the man here:
Mr. Clarke - you have no right to push your lack of religion on this city who has survived, in part, due to their religion. Frankenmuth has every right to celebrate its heritage - there is absolutely NOTHING in the Constitution to deny this. Read it. Read the Declaration of Independence. Read any of our National Historical Documents. There is NOTHING that prevents ANY city or town in the United States from celebrating its religious heritage. NOTHING!
So, this liar goes on to say that he is doing this because he "felt they made Jews, Muslims and other non-Christians feel unwelcome."
Yeah right.
Mr. Clarke, your only purpose is to make a name for yourself (he ran for the state senate in 2006 and lost). You, sir, are nothing but a selfish person out to destroy the traditions of this country one step at a time. I thank God - yes, God - that you didn't make it into the senate. You confirm what I have found to be inherent in most athiests. Keep talking, Mr. Clarke. A revolution is about to take place, like one you have never seen. And I do not think you will like the outcome.

There - - whew! - - I got that out of my system...for now.

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