Thursday, November 25, 2010

A 7 Question Meme

OK, a friend of mine did a meme out of boredom...I'm not really bored, but I kinda enjoy doing these.
If you decide to do one as well, please let me know so I can read it!

1. Do you prefer Thanksgiving or Christmas? Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, but I do prefer Christmas. No, not because of the commercialization (buy! buy! buy!), but because of the music, the traditions, and I get to watch the various versions of "A Christmas Carol" (and read the original as well!).

2. If you had to choose between your computer and your television, which one would you get rid of? The television. In all honesty, the only thing I watch on TV are movies from the DVD player (OK, I do watch iCarly when the kids have it on). And I can watch most movies on my computer if I needed a movie fix. The internet/computer has played a role in my making new friends and in my historical research. Plus, I enjoy photography immensely, and computers have opened up a whole new world for photography.

3. Which book hero/heroine do you think is the most like you? Wow! This one's a tuffy. I don't read too many books other than history/informational books or "A Christmas Carol." I also have read some pretty good historical fiction, but most of the 'heroines', and I would feel odd stating that I was like one of them. So, since I'm assuming this is supposed to be fictional then I will choose either Ghost of Christmas Past (for obvious time-travel reasons) or the Ghost of Christmas Present, because of how upbeat - yet serious - he is.

4. What is your ancestry? My paternal side came from Sicily to New York to Detroit in 1912. My maternal side were non-conformist Quakers that came from England to Bucks County Pennsylvania in 1713. I'm proud of my heritage.

5. What's your favorite flavor of Pringles? The regular Pringles - - plain and simple.

6. Are you old-fashioned? you even have to ask? More than anyone I know, if only in mind, for modern city living (and Pringles) tend to creep in all too often.

7. Do you prefer shopping online or in stores? Definitely on line - I love I despise the mall or any mall-type stores. I do, however, enjoy antiquing or visiting used book stores.

Well, that's the questions that I saw. I would enjoy seeing your answers should you decide to do your own.


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Mrs. G said...

Your answer to #3 made me chuckle. :-)