Wednesday, February 6, 2013

The Victorian Needle

Three young ladies who belong to the Civilians of the 21st Michigan Civil War unit have begun a sort of "sewing club."
Kristen, Carrie, and Rebecca get together every few weeks and spend an afternoon working on their projects for reenacting.
To show their progress, they have posted their own blog citing their projects and accomplishments.
Even though you've seen their photos in my postings, I would still like to formally introduce them to you:

First is Rebecca Assenmacher, who portrays a Tea Merchant -

Next we have Carrie Graber, who portrays a domestic servant working for my wife and I -

And then we have Kristen Mrozek, who is the resident school teacher. At times she has portrayed my daughter -

I am very impressed with these girls, for they take living history very seriously and raise the bar for themselves with each passing year. And now, by taking the initiative to help each other (and others) in their sewing endeavors, I see a bright future in the past.

I would love to have my blogger friends to check their blog out and maybe even become a follower.
Of course, encouraging words of support is always a wonderful thing!
Here is their blog: The Victorian Needle

Thank you Rebecca, Carrie, and Kristen, you're doing us all proud!



An Historical Lady said...

Hi Ken,
Love the post, but most of all I love the blog's new look and the fabulous picture of you at the top! It really is just perfect!

Historical Ken said...

Thank you Mary.
I was hoping it wouldn't be taken as egotistical by putting my own photo up there.
It's supposed to be me "writing" my postings...
I appreciate your kind words!

Betsy said...

Fantastic! Love your posts Ken, but need a feminine perspective on this era. :)

Historical Ken said...

Thank Betsy, but I found for social history there are very few male perspectives - it's mostly women that write about social history. The men tend to write about war & battles and that sort of thing.

Betsy said...

You are right....which is one reason why I love your blog. :)

Miss K said...

Thank you Ken! We are excited to share our knowledge and learn along the way!