Monday, August 4, 2008

A Proud Living History Parent

Can I not be more proud of my seven year old daughter? She knows how to churn butter, thanks to our good friend and fellow reenactor Nancy Keeney.
She is also learning how to tat, again thanks to another very good friend and fellow reenactor, Joyce Hart.Of course, Monday - laundry day - was the busiest and hardest day of the week. Our reenactor laundress, Mrs. Cook, has my daughter agitate the heavy, wet garments.
And just ask her about children's toys of the mid-19th century! Here she shows modern kids (and even an adult!) the toys that children played with 150 years ago.
I feel very proud that my children know and continue to learn the art of the traditional crafts of the 19th century. I recently met a chandler (candle maker) and hope to include that craft in our family living history as well.
The best part is that my 19th century daughter is also the biggest Hannah Montana fan this side of the equator! She loves her music and watches the show nearly every day. The Best of both worlds indeed!
Still, Rosalia's favorite books are the Little House series and the American Girl Doll Felicity series. She reads a chapter or two (or has them read to her) nightly.
Like her parents, she loves the past but lives in the present.
And dad is smiling.

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